Exciting New Website

Earlier this year I approached MIT to see if they had any students who could develop a new website for the charity. I received a positive response from Tania Parker a Senior Lecturer, facility of Business and Information Technology.

I was introduced to an amazing young woman, Samantha Young. Sam was born and did all her schooling in Pukekohe before enrolling in MIT. How amazing to have a young woman from Pukekohe work on a project that benefits the troubled youth from Pukekohe,that interact with the horses!

Sam had to work against many odds. No internet coverage or cell phone coverage to speak of and teaching me how to update the website. I think the later was the most trying!

If you are reading this; you can, with lots of patience and understanding, teach an old dog new tricks.

We are nearing the end of the project. I will keep you posted, now I know how to.

Arohanui and God Bless.

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