I have finally completed all the certificates

I have finally completed all the certificates, gift and Christmas Parties for the 2012 HEART™ Programme and what an amazing year it has been.

This year 42 children have taken part in the HEART™ Programme and each and every one has brought with them their own unique special qualities. It never ceases to amaze me how much love these children have to offer and how few colours they have in their paint palettes.

Although the official HEART™ Programme has finished for 2012, the children will still be popping in and out to see their horses, reassure themselves that we are still here for them and keep me inline.

This time last year, we had one of the children taken away from the HEART™ Programme by a very angry father and when I sent cards, the cards were returned unopened. What a miracle it was to receive a text to say that dad was no longer angry and could a visit be arranged. So today at 4.00pm we get to meet and hug and talk about all the progress that has been made. What an amazing Christmas gift.

This last month has introduced the HEART™ Programme to social workers working with children who have been given community service instead of jail and it has given us the opportunity to not only share skills and knowledge with them but show them another way. These children are older and it will introduce new challenges and opportunities for all of us.

This year has also seen our family grow with the introduction of 6 African ewes and seven lambs to keep our paddocks in check. This in itself was another miracle and came totally out of the blue, thank you Andrew for your generosity. We are not naming the lambs as they will one day be on someone’s table but with so many hungry families about, who could complain.

The sponsors have been amazing and I cannot thank them enough for their generosity and belief in the HEART™ Programme. The volunteers have been excellent role models to the children and the HEART™ Programme would not be the same without them.

Next year will bring its own challenges when Cornelius due to ill health will move to Australia and I will keep Serenity and continue with the HEART™ Programme. Change is inevitable and always brings opportunities for growth. We all must do what is best for us individually and never hold each other back.

My biggest learning from 2012 is that the person who gives you the most grief is your greatest teacher. Thank goodness for those special people.
I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with love and joy. 2013 a year full of promise hope and peace.

Arohanui & God Bless

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