About Heart


The HEART™ Programme is nothing like Riding for the Disabled. RDA is recognised worldwide for the brilliant job they do.

What we do at the HEART™ Programme is Natural Horsemanship for Children, it introduces children of all ages to horses and teaches them how to safely interact and create equine relationships. This enables these children to acquire the same love, trust, respect, and compassion that are naturally inherent in the herd dynamics of horses and then utilise these abilities with their parents, their friends, and in all other human relationships.

The success, contentment, and well-being of every human are all directly tied to the quality of their relationships with themselves and others. To have a successful relationship, humans, just like horses, must learn and have modelled for them qualities that will create and establish mutual love, trust, and respect, such as acceptance, tolerance, patience, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, fairness, truthfulness, respect, and compassion.

Most humans need at least eighteen years of healthy parenting to learn and acquire these abilities. These qualities are not taught in schools or universities, they cannot be purchased, and they are usually not learned from books.

Horses are naturally hardwired with these qualities so that they can live harmoniously in a herd, which increases their chances of survival. In other words, the survival of every horse is dependent on his or her abilities to get along with other horses and stay together.

As a result, horses, in addition to having the ability to heal a people’s emotional wounds, can also become a resource capable of modelling highly desirable interpersonal relationship qualities that enable  men, woman, and children to have a more meaningful and satisfying relationship with themselves and others.