How can you help



To become a Supporter for ‘children’ at risk as a investment in the future of our community.

  • Children are listed and waiting for help
  • To be developed as a South Auckland initiative led by business people, schools and community workers.
  • The HEART™ programme it is a stand alone project in the community – We have NO Government funding.



We need your help! Children from our own comminity are on our waiting list and are seeking help. We receive no government funding. Help a child in your school and your community, please.

  • Since so many of our students cannot afford these programmes without generous help, we depend upon others for support.
  • Company assistance is always welcome.
  • Every donation no matter how big or small helps.


Donate or Sponsor

  • Prayer – one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give is to simply pray for us. Prayer costs us nothing but a few moments of our time, it is something that everyone can give and it is unquestionably one of the most powerful things that we can do for each other.
  • Make a donation
  • Sponsor a child’s session
  • Sponsor a horse for a session
  • Support our “wish list”


Please include your name and contact number as all donors will be issued with a  Tax Receipt.

Utilise Our Services

  • Engage us to do a Keynote Address
  • Engage us to do a workshop for your staff or clients
  • Hold a private function at Serenity
  • Hold a business meeting at Serenity


Thank you for your support!


There are none. But what I do know is that:

  • This child now has real choices.
  • This child knows someone cares.
  • This child has a chance to survive in the environment they live in.
  • By addressing the anger and removing the fear in this child, we have one less person to fear in the future.
  • And just maybe we can make a difference to this child and our Community.